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I'm looking to build a new system and you all seem to be a great source of information and advice. Hopefully you guys can help me out.

I've built PCs before, but that was in high school (I was poor through college) and technology has changed a lot so I am a bit lost, and am looking for a bit of guidance. I want to build a solid PC, but don't want to waste money unnecessarily on extravagant pieces that aren't practical. This is going to be long, and you may get some laughs because I am probably asking some stupid questions, so sorry in advance ;)

First off all I have choose my desired CPU and Video card by looking at benchmarks. They are:

Radeon HD 6850:
AMD Phenom II X6 1075T:

This is what I would like to build my system around. I'm pretty confident those are good choices but I am uncertain about a number of the other items, I will go through them item by item.

This is what I am having my biggest issue with. I know to get an AMD compatible motherboard, AM3 socket, no integrated video, and a high FSB, but there are a lot that meet those requirements and I am having difficulty determining which are good enough. Would something like this be good?:

This product seems to be a good price and is the correct speed. Is the brand good though, I am used to corsair.

Power Supply:
I am familiar with the corsair brand and this has good reviews. I'm a bit confused by how many more powerful supplies there are. Last time I built a PC I think I used 350W, this is 550W and there are ones even higher. Is all this extra power necessary?

Hard Drive:
I am pretty certain this is a good choice (although honestly I don't need that much space), however I am uncertain of how new hard drives are installed. Last time I built a PC the original SATA drives had come out and they were a pain to install. Windows XP didn't support them on install and I had to download drivers and install it on a floppy disk when I first installed windows XP. Is this still an issue, or will it just work on install? Did Windows 7 solve this problem.

I don't think there are any technical issues in the choice of case, but I just want to be sure, lol.

Wireless Internet:
This is probably going to sound pretty ridiculous, but exactly how does this work? Do I need to buy a separate card or do motherboards have this integrated.

I haven't got to the nitty gritty like CPU fans and heat sinks yet, I was hoping to get these bigger issues cleared up first.

I appreciate your patience and help in advance. I'll be checking in reguarly to answer any questions or clear things up.

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  1. Wat will be the use for this build? Gaming or Some specific applications u use etc?
  2. If u are living near a Microcenter grab the 1055T + MSI 870A-G54 bundle @ $220
    You did not elaborate on use of rig but i suspect could be the $170 965BE + MSI 785G-E53 bundle would serve u just as well

    If u are looking for a single 2TB drive hit the F4 2TB @ $80 Free Ship?

    Modern mobos do fine with their onboard sound chip and actually peeps sometimes prefer integrated video in case there discrete goes AWOL, etc hehe
  3. I plan on using the system for gaming and assorted multimedia. Most of all I want to build something that is solid and should stay current and playable/usable for a while, so that I am not limited by the hardware of the machine.
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    Here are some thoughts for you:

    1) From the graphics card, I deduce that you have an interest in gaming. If so, the 6 core AMD processors are a poor choice. Most games can not take advantage of more than two cores, let alone 4 cores. Game developers will not produce games that take many cores to run, they want to maximize their market. Using a 6850 as a graphics card, a good dual core @3.0 or better would not be too weak. The i5-760 at the same price point will be superior.
    You will need a P55 based motherboard.
    2) If your need is not urgent, I would wait to Jan 9 when the new Intel sandy bridge processors become available. At a similar price point, the 2500K should perform close to the i7-980X which is a $1000 chip. Read about it here:

    3) The 6850 is a good unit. It will perform well at 1080P. Graphics is more important than the cpu for games. A 6870 or GTX470 would be better and help the minimum frame rates.

    4) A Quality psu is a must. Quality units come from Corsair, Seasonic, PC P&C, Antec, and XFX to name a few. A 550w to 650W unit with two pci-e connectors will run any single card out there. Your PSU pick is OK.

    5) I like the Antec 300. I would spend $10 more to get the illusion model which comes with some extra fans:

    6) The WD green series of hard drives are slower. Look for the WD black which is better.
    Or... Consider spending about $100 for a SSD for your OS and app drive, and use a cheaper, larger drive for storage, and backups. A SSD makes your PC feel much snappier.

    7) 4gb(2 x 2gb) of ram is appropriate, unless you will be doing lots of multitasking, particularly while gaming. Then 8gb(2 x 4gb) would be better. There is no negative(except price) to more ram. Check either the motherboard or ram vendor to verify that the ram is compatible. If you should have an issue, you don't want excuses.

    8) Get a oem cpu cooler up front. It will make your cpu run cooler and quieter. If you overclock, you can go higher and easier. Most any will do. I like the tall tower types with a slow turning 120mm+ fan. There are many good ones at <$40.

    9) All motherboards come with a ethernet lan port. That is the best and fastest connection to use if you can. If you must use wireless, then you need an add in card. They are not expensive, and try to get one compatible with your wireless source

    10) Before you order anything, download and read the motherboard and case manuals. Cover to cover. Many questions will be answered, and perhaps a few raised.

    ---good luck---
  5. sgtsassafras said:
    I plan on using the system for gaming and assorted multimedia. Most of all I want to build something that is solid and should stay current and playable/usable for a while, so that I am not limited by the hardware of the machine.

    Hmm no render/encode/etc that $170 965BE/785G would more than suffice then :lol:
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