Graphics card for 350 watt power supply

I'm trying to find a graphics card which is suitable for a 350 watt power supply, the coolermaster case was an innovative one at the time but doesn't allow for the power supply to be removed as such I'm stuck with a 350 watt power supply and I'm struggling to find a card that will fit it.

I do want to be able to play some low end games online. i.e thinktanks.

Love some advise

Many thanks
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  1. The best video card for 350W PSU is GT240 or HD5670. HD5670 is a little faster than GT240 but they're perform about the same...
    HD5670 has many version, normal version and low profile version, research more which version is suited your case. :)
  2. Thanks for the suggestions, on the ATI site it says "400 Watt or greater power supply recommended (500 Watt for ATI CrossFireX™ technology in dual mode)" for the HD5670

    Ati don't have any compatible card according to the specs on their site.

    Would the one below be ok, it's a GT240 (I don't want to spend too much, the cheaper the better, really I'm skint) :)
  3. or this one?

    ? it's got a cracking discount but can't find the power requirements for it anywhere.
  4. Don't worry about that, both of cards (hd5670 and gt240) can run with only 300W PSU. :)

    It's okay, your choice, both of cards are about the same performance, just make sure that card would fit inside your case...

    from 2 links above get GT240 for sure...
  5. Many thanks GT240 it is cheers!
  6. Make sure that card fit perfectly inside your case...
  7. Will do,

    My case is normal size but I've got a mini atx msi board, I'm going to get the one below from novatech as it's a little shorter

    this is my mobo:

    This is the card

    Thanks for all the advise, (bought a card of ebay which failed and sold my spares, have been using the onboard graphics for the last 2 weeks so can't wait to get back on thinktanks)
  8. Ok, since your case is normal size and your motherboard is micro atx then you can add any normal card including GT240. Enjoy that card, at least GT240 MUCH more FASTER than any onboard graphic... :)
  9. Quote:
    if choosing the GT240 then please get the GT240 ddr5 512mb version, the ddr3 version is crap..

    Thanks for that i'd of just assumed the 1gb version was better. Thanks for the headsup. CHEERS! (hope it's cheaper)
  10. Yes, 1GB version is better BUT not much and almost the same performance with 512MB version, so if you can find GT240 DDR5 version then go for it...
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