What's rong with AMD

AIT 5970 help !!!
just why????
every month AMD lunch a new ati catalyst..... i download the correct driver to my card and it is not working correctly with all versions of catalyst so why they lunch a driver that not always suitable . on other hand now they lunch ATI Catalyst Application Profiles 10.9a and it contain darksiders profile when i insall Application Profiles 10.9a graphic in the game disappear then when i uninstall it the game works ok !!!!!!!!!
i mean these Application Profiles are fixes and not Vandals so why this is happening :pfff:
what is the truth behind this or is they are don't know how to test drivers with cards :??:
i am not criticize them but i say ::::: if they wont to lunch a driver they must lunch it with out any problem::::::
at last why every driver we have to try it then it doesn't work or works with some games and the others not then freezing ..... :ange:
i hope if they will lunch a new driver or Application Profiles they gonna be ok
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  1. According to the ATi fans that I've crossed swords with, it's all user error and not the fault of the drivers.
  2. Mousemonkey said:
    According to the ATi fans that I've crossed swords with, it's all user error and not the fault of the drivers.

    what are you mean
    at first i am ATI fan second what is the error if i install Application Profile what is the wrong what did i do wrong !!!!!!!
    my fault is that i update my driver that's ok you right my card must be always with old driver and not install Application Profiles
  3. Yes, you are right about that one, AMD has BIG problem with drivers, many people suffer the same problem like yours...
    Sometime, the latest driver version is not the best, the older one can be more stable, so if your current driver doesn't work properly then try the other version and find which one that works... :)
  4. It's threads like this that you need go looking for, there are many others but you'll have to go and find them yourself.

  5. Its not uncommon for either company to have better drivers for certain cards
    Sometimes older drivers are better, sometimes a newer driver is better, depends on the focus of the driver team
    ATI it seems needs to kick it up a notch here
    It seems also that adding the newer 6xxx series have effected this somewhat, as attentions may have been pushed in that direction

    In the end, I believe ATI siding up with M$ and .net hasnt helped too much, and has added somewhat to the overall complexity in a very demanding schedule, once a month.
    Many new SKUs/units as well
    Maybe theyll once again add to their support staff, it appears it may need it once again
  6. With ATI you need to search for the driver that suits you and change to a new one only when you know what you're doing. Think positive, that's a free game provided by ATI. Sometimes you shoot them, sometimes they shoot you.
  7. What exact problems are you having expert97? If you are saying your freezes are a case of the drivers stopping, then having to restart, it very well may not be a driver problem at all. I've found that the problem is a result of the VRM's overheating. When they overheat, the cause the drivers to fail and restart.

    I have found that one way to solve this issue is to underclock the memory. There is also an aftermarket cooler, that has a special cooling apperatous for the VRM's of the 5870's, they may have one for the 5970 too.
  8. Although I've only owned a single ATI card (X1950Pro my wife still uses) and never had a problem, generally you hear that ATI has more driver issues than nVidia. At least I do. :)

    I've owned NUMEROUS nVidia based video cards over the years and quite frankly I've never personally had a major driver related issue.

    I will say this though. Once you find a good stable driver that perform well, don't update the driver unless there's a real valid reason to do so.
  9. this is the first time i've bought ati, tried every single driver version since 10.2 and haven't had a single problem
  10. wiinippongamer said:
    this is the first time i've bought ati, tried every single driver version since 10.2 and haven't had a single problem

    Lucky you, then again I didn't have any problems with the Nvidia driver that was supposed to have turned fans off and destroyed cards, so does that mean that it's all bunkum on both sides?
  11. probably
  12. It's really luck of the draw to me... Like how people say "DOA DOA FREEKING NEWEGG SUCKS" Or some people say "it was perfectly shipped, THATS ME :D" I've never had any problems with any ATI drivers on my 5850 or the 1950 pro I had a long time ago. But from what I've heard. The most stable is 10.4 or 10.3 so you should try that out.

    As for drivers I'd say Nvidia is better, but.... ATI is improving, I hope.
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