Brand New motheboard, No Beeps, No display, no bios screen

Hi I having a vga display issue

I installed a new motherboard an MSI h61 motherobard and even with every thing installed, RAM, Power supply, graphics card, opitcal drive and hard drive; still NO display, no beeps on booting the system, and no display of bios screen of any kind. These are my specs

RAM: DDR3 DIMM 8 GB(2 X4GB) RAM modules
CPU: Intel i3 core pc-2100 3.1 ghz processor with Fan(with thermal paste)
Hard drive( 100 TB samsung) SATA
OPtical drive( SATA)
system cooler fan
power supply: 300 watts
and everything is hooked up in the right place. I dont understand why no display( i put vga port in motherboard and video card and still no display)

Yes, I also checked the guide:

still nothing. PLease help :fou: :cry:
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  1. Check the cmos jumper position. It may need adjusting, or simply move it over one position with the power supply unplugged, and return to the run position, or remove the board battery for a few seconds. Brand new board are rarely bad. Also reseat the ram, the most common mistake is not having the ram all the way in the slots.
  2. Also make sure you've plugged in the square 4 pin CPU power plug onto the motherboard. Very common mistake, I actually did that myself when i first put my 2500k system together. Checked everything was swearing like a sailor getting all angry until my mate says "ahh helps if you plug in the cpu power cable", felt like a fool after that. And that's why you save the celebration beers until you get everything working first.

    Oh you read the guide, dismiss that comment then, you probably tried that straight away.
  3. i have tried removing the cmost battery. I do not have a jumper though. Also I have tried with 1 stick of just like it said in the thread which I posted. Need more professional help. :fou: :cry:
  4. Check for a toggle switch on the back of your power supply. Just flip it and try the power switch again.
  5. My power supply has no toggle switch. It automatically turns on when plugged up. Otherwise the fans and LED wouldnt work
  6. I had this problem with my first build. Turns out, in that case, I hadn't used the provided stand-offs, so board was shorting against case. Bad mem would also cause board not to post.
  7. my case doesnt need standoffs, because they have these output holes so you can automatically put the screws in. The motherboard has six mounting holes. The RAM is not bad, because I have tried it on a different motherboard. So NO. Please someone help me. uhhh :fou:
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