Final Build Need Opinion PLEASE!!!!!!

alright guys so this is my final build after getting various opinions and whatnot
Im going to buy this on boxing day most likely, right after christmas
im going to be buying my parts from so if u wanna switch some parts can u please post them from there thx:P

CASE:antec six hundred

CPU: AMD II x4 955 BE

MOBO: asus m4a88td-v evo


OPT DRIVE: LG GH22NS50 SATA ( im not sure why it says sata, can someone tell me ???)

PSU: OZC STEALTHXSTREAM 2 (cant pick psu need help !!)

RAM: OCZ 1600 MHZ DDR3 4GB GOLD KIT ( i think this is enough for gaming ?)


comes out to about 1050$

thanks in advance !!!
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  1. :O
    why not? care to explain ?
  2. The CM Extreme line of PSUs did not impress these peeps and even less @ JohnnyGuru hehe


    Cooler Master eXtreme Power Plus 500 W is the perfect example to explain why maximum power isn’t everything. This power supply can really deliver 500 W, but with efficiency above 80% only when you pull between 40% and 60% load (between 200 W and 300 W) and electrical noise level above the maximum allowed if you pull 80% load or more (i.e., starting at 400 W).

    We can’t recommend this power supply, however if you are really on a budget this may be an option until you have money to buy a decent power supply for your PC.
  3. ok thx :d
    how bout the rest? the opt drive says sata why?
    and my ram is enough for gaming ?
  4. 1. Means the interface of the opt is SATA
    2. 4GB RAM would suffice but i would not go with the Gold/Platinum line of OCZ either so Kingston?
  5. but will the opt drive do the same thing as the usual non sata ? ( im not sure what the interface is)
  6. IDE? Ya same thing and that interface is old and the more current mobos even do away with IDE ports altogether hehe
  7. ok sata is A OK ?
  8. Sata is just a newer type ( well not that new xD ) of data transfer cable, A SATA drive will do everything that an IDE drive would.
  9. sweet :D
  10. hey guys this probably isnt the right forum but what type of wireless usb would u use with this config or non usb?
  11. i think this is my router/modem right now
    well at least it looks exactly the same as that, not sure if theres many models,
    but anyways my router/modem is about 50 feet away and my signal i guess goes through about 2 or 3 walls
  12. Between USB and PCI i prefer the former due to ease if installation/transfer Have to check with owners if that wireless modem regrading range, etc
  13. i had an older linksis 54 mbgps or wtv u call it lol, wtv it was a wireless pci express i think, and i had no problem catching signal, full bars
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