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I am building a new SB system. My budget is $1800 ( around 80,000 Rs, I m from India). I have planned to get a HD 6950 2Gb and overclock it. Also I7 2600K and overclock it to 4.7~5.0 GHz. I am looking for a solid PSU. Here, in India, I can access only the follwing PSU's. So Kindly tell me which is the best:
1. Corsair GS700W Gamer Series
2. Corsair TX650W (older PSU. Dont know whether it will support HD 6950, as it is not recomended in AMD PSU List )
3.Cooler Msater Silent Pro M 600W
4. Antec High Current Gamer - HCG650W - 650W PSU
5. Cooler Master GX650W.

Also I am confused with the cooler for CPU. Is the Hyper 212 Plus a good one for Overlclocking GHz? Or Scythe Katana 3 ?
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