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I will try and give as much information as i can, my problem is i was useing my laptop one night and all of a sudden got a virus/trojan/spyware on my computer it installed about 6 virus scanners and all sorts of junk which i have managed to remove from the system. after i removed all this my screen froze as if my graphics card had been overclocked went all glitchy then froze.
Upon restart the graphics card had stopped responding and i was running off the onboard graphics card which was ok untill for no reason lines started to appear on the screen, had to explain how it looks but when i move the mouse small groups of green dots start to flash up on the screen, and also if u open say my computer the bar at the top of the folder were u can click the cross to close the window, the whole bar is completely black and around the vista start button its all black.
To be honest the laptop is working perfectly besides the graphics.
I dont see how the graphics card could have become fault just like that.
I believe it to be a driver or software issue but what do i know lol
Ive formatted and reinstalled vista and 5 times now and it hasnt solved the issue and its starting to get a little tiresome now.
The laptop is a HP Pavilion dv9790ea (
if you need anymore information please feel free to ask.


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  1. If you've formatted and reinstalled 5 times.... I'd say you're not having a driver issue. LOL Sorry.

    Sounds like your GPU has indeed kicked the bucket. Whether it's coincidental or because of something the virus did we may never know. But the symptoms you're describing sound just like a GPU that's dead. Either GPU chip itself or the VRAM on it has kicked the bucket my friend.

    Realistically, the only other thing would be to format, rebuild the bootsector on the hard drive, and do some deep Anti-Virus stuff to make sure your BIOS and such were not infected.

    Though honestly, if those were the case, you'd be having other problems than just a bad GPU.
  2. Well thank you very much for you reply its very helpful. Just to let u know it was a £1500 laptop bout 2years ago but in youre opinion would it be worth being sent off to HP for diagnostic and repair or just to save me pennys and buy a new laptop?
  3. So not a cheap laptop by any means. :(

    My guess is, HP probably has/had a 1 year warranty on it. So I'm just guessing you can't submit it through warranty. I'd imagine however that you could potentially fix it for less than the £1500 it cost. But you also want to balance whatever it might cost to fix it, versus the inherent nature of it being a 2 year old system.

    Maybe it's an excuse to upgrade? :( Though not a great one. LOL
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