A $600 Gaming PC Build Request Please

So my friend Is buying a PC and he is willing to spend $600 on it. So can someone find me a good gaming build for $600.

He wants a AMD CPU
From Newegg
He has the peripherals and the OS

He wants to spend no more then $600.

So can you guys please help me with this build?
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  1. Items off Egg $429AR with addition of $20 DVDRW SATA

    Items off MC $170 (965BE + MSI 785G-E53)

    $599AR Total
  2. thanks for the fast reply but is antec relaibl for that PSU?
  3. Antec is a very reliable psu brands (one of the best IMHO), and the EarthWatts series has received a lot of positive reviews (here's one from Johnnyguru: http://www.jonnyguru.com/modules.php?name=NDReviews&op=Story&reid=110 ).
  4. Yep Earthwatts series great track record so no worries hehe
  5. Oh okay then thans any new builds?
  6. Not trying to just throw a onkey-wrench in the works, but I had been told to avoid OCZ RAM...
  7. Yep i would too the Gold and Platinum series while Signature is reported fine on AM3 platforms and had built with these w/o issue as well ^^
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