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got a question does msi afterburner reonize the 5870 mobility in the g73 i know it works but i dont know if its accurate it says 5800 series but it dosnt say anything about mobility

i was playing ffxiv and afterburner said it was staying at 99% usage and 85 degrees little warm but idk

is this normal? 99% usage sounds high so does 85 degrees is there any other tool i can use to compaire this info??
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  1. it is normal, ffxiv is very heavy on the gpu. as for the temps they're normal for a laptop gpu, if you want lower temps and don't mind the noise just crank the fan up
  2. can i crank the fan up on the g73?? i got a cooler coming but ill crank it up anyway if i new how.
  3. from afterburner where it says "Fan Speed (%)", uncheck the auto button then slide it to the right and click apply
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