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i m using GIGABYTE H55M-USB3 mobo with core i3 540 processor. at present i have 2 gb 1333 ddr3 ram. my mobo supports dual channel memory supporting upto 4x4=16 gb memory. Cant i add another 4 gb with 2gb and have 6 gb memory????????
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  1. yes you can add.
  2. can i use higher ram bus more than 1333 in my core i3 540.......??
  3. For the Dual channel configuration, both RAMs must be identical in bus speed and amount, otherwise it would be running at single channel. So 2 GB + 4 GB = single channel mode.

    There's no difference between 1333 Mhz and 1600 MHz, benchmarked showed there's a slight performance increase (not noticeable) when running the RAM @ 1600 MHz.

    Besides, Both Intel & AMD CPUs support maximum 1333 Mhz RAM.
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