Bios and OS do not detect complete ram


First the system specs:

i7 960,asus sabertooth,mushkin blackline (3x2gb)

The problem:
I replaced my broken NHD14's back plate bolt and after starting the PC the bios just refused to detect two sticks of my memory.I tried putting the DIMM's individually and in pairs of two and three on all the slots but the bios only recognizes 2gb.I then updated my bios hoping it would it work, but still the bios only detects 2gb.

Now the fun part is that cpu-z detected the exact amount of ram every time I paired and matched the modules be it 2 gb,4gb or 6gb, cpu-z got it right every single time.

Is there a problem with the DIMM modules,the DIMM slots or with something else. I checked the cpu pins 'cause I read some where that it could also be an issue sometimes but all the cpu pins are standing tall.

Any help will be appriciated.

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  1. The problem has been found.The horizontal bases of two pins were minutely bent(magnifying glass), while the actual pins were standing tall.My luck is so awesome that of all the ground pins lying around it had to be the ones incharge of memory controller.Well I have given it to the asus service centre and will get a replacement in this week.


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  2. I7 960 Asus Sabertooth X 58 Gtx 460sc 2011 pc build
  3. I7 960 Asus Sabertooth X 58 Gtx 460sc 2011 pc build
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