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I plan on building a desktop to bring to with me to college next fall. I may use it for some gaming. Money is limited and was looking to spend less than $100 dollars on a case. I can't have a giant case since it will be in my dorm room.

Here are a few cases i've been looking at. This will be my first time building a computer.
-Antec 300
-Cooler Master Haf 912
-Thermaltake Armor A90
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  1. The 300 is an excellent case but has one major draw back, cable mgmt features are pretty slim. But I have used it on a few builds and really like is despite that. Have you looked at Cooler Master cases at all? I find them very easy to work with and most have cable mgmt built into design, I also prefer the cases that offer 90 degree HDD mounting to free up space for GFX card
    Sorry, didn't see other links. I would suggest the HAF912 over the Antec 300 I think for the cable mgmt and the 90 degree HDD mount and for the CPU mount cut out in the back of the MB tray. Only reason I would take 300 would be the fans the case comes with and if the things I mentioned about didn't matter. The HAF comes with fewer fans, no top fan, I think it does come with front and rear fans tho. I would take HAF and buy a 140MM for the top
  2. I was originally drawn to the cooler master case because of the cable management. I've read that haf series cases tend to be wider than average. I doubt an extra inch or two will be noticeable i'm just not sure how much space I will have.

    I was also considering buying the haf case, moving the front fan to the top and put a 200mm fan on the front.
  3. Yea, I like the HAF series too. The 300's were a fav during early builds when I didn't know anything about cbl mgmt. Also, the little extra width in the HAF gives you more CPU cooler options later and the cut out lets you change the cooler mount without pulling the MB. But I always loved the way Antec did the front fan cages on the 300 series. IMHO they are an excellent design.
    Have fun
  4. Although I really like the Antec cases (I have three), look at what CoolerMaster has at your budget point.
  5. ^+1 for the cooler master 912 I have the 922 and it is a behemoth
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