First-time build...getting frustrated.

Hey all!

I got all the components for my first build over a month ago. Since then, I've fighting to get it up and running and it's starting to drive me bonkers. I've been through the trouble-shooting checklist about a hundred times and I honestly can't figure out what's causing my troubles. I could really use some help. I wanted to build this rig for the experience, but also because I wanted a nice new system to start working on a whole bunch of projects with. For now, those projects are on hold because all my free time is being spent trying to get this POS up and running! Arrgh!

OK, for starters, here's my system components:

CPU: i5 760 [...] id=0341729 ($169.99)

MOBO: Asus P7P55D-E LX [...] id=0335792 ($129.99)

GPU: GIGABYTE GV-N450 1GB [...] 6814125342 ($119.99)

RAM: GSkillz 2x4GB [...] 6820231311 ($124.99)

HDD: Samsung Spinpoint F3 1TB [...] id=0340562 ($54.99)

PSU: CORSAIR 550W [...] CatId=1079 ($69.99)

CASE: Antec Three Hundred [...] id=0283272 ($49.99)

CD/DVD Burner: Sony Optiarc [...] 6827118040 ($19.99)

OS: Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit [...] 6832116754 ($99.99)

Oh, and the planned monitor is a Vizio HDTV.

OK, so I assembled everything and struggled for a bit as I was plugging one of the case fans into the wrong place. Once I finally solved that, the computer started right up and I was ready to roll. Or so I thought...

When turning on the TV and switching to HDMI mode, I would get no display whatsoever from the computer. I rechecked the cable numerous times and it's fine (I am using a HDMI>mini-HDMI adapter, but I don't really see that being the problem). So, at the request of someone in the forums, I borrowed an actual monitor from a friend and tried that. No luck. So, I am guessing that I can rule out the problem being with the TV.

So, I started going through the steps on the Troubleshooting guide. My mobo didn't come with a speaker for beep codes, so I purchased one and thought that this would help me get some answers. However, after installing the speaker, I am not getting any beeps whatsoever. (Yes, I've checked a zillion different ways to make sure that it's plugged in to the right spot...). Now, I've even tried taking out the RAM sticks and booting up and I'm still not getting any beeps. So, I'm not sure what the problem is there.

As for the computer as a whole, when I plug it in and flip the PSU switch, my mobo light comes on. I hit the power switch, it turns on -- all fans are running and there's no beeping from the speaker.

I'm not sure if my suspicion is accurate, but I'm currently suspecting the GSU. Since everything else seems to be doing OK and I'm not getting any beeping, yet two different monitors (with two different plug-in types) aren't getting me a display, I think this could be it.

But I need help. The only step I haven't performed yet is the breadboarding. However, since the point of bread-boarding seems to be isolating components that are preventing a boot, I don't see how this will help me since I'm already getting a start-up, I just don't have a screen to tell me what's going (or not going) on.

As I've said, I could really use the help. Obviously, I'm a nOOb, but I promise that I'm not a total dolt. I've read/reread everything I can to help figure out the problem, but I'm just not making any progress. Does anyone have any thoughts that might help me? "My life" thanks you in advance.
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  1. I think it is really interesting that you aren't getting any beeps from the MB at all. Have you checked with Asus tech on that?
  2. g048989h said:
    I think it is really interesting that you aren't getting any beeps from the MB at all. Have you checked with Asus tech on that?

    No. I haven't contacted them but, again, it's mostly because I was waiting to hear what others' advice might be. I can definitely call them, but I'm sure they'll ask me to make sure that the speaker is functioning properly, at which point I'll have to go out and buy another one...
  3. Does the motherboard have onboard GFX? The link points me to a 404.
  4. Supermuncher85 said:
    Does the motherboard have onboard GFX? The link points me to a 404.

    No, it doesn't. Here's a functioning link though:
  5. Does anyone else have any thoughts/suggestions/anything?
  6. Well, I finally broke down and took it to the shop to have them do a diagnostic on the bugger. Turns out, I fried the motherboard by plugging the power supply into what I had thought was a case fan slot...


    (I guess that explains the lack of beeps from the speaker...)
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