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Hopefully somebody can help me out. I just built my own system, its running a Intel DH57DD motherboard, and a Intel I5-760 processor. 4 Gig of Ram, (3) 2 TB hard drives, and a 320 Gig hard drive for the operating system. I am running windows 7 premium 64 bitI had this connected to my 42 in LG tv. Anyways, I was just messing around with the resolution, and I guess I hit a resolution my TV could not use, now i'm getting the message saying Invalid Format. I am kinda at a loss. I took it to best buy, and they hooked it up to a monitor, and said it should be all set to go. I took it to my parents, and it worked just fine on their 42 inch tv. Took it home, plugged in it via HDMI like everywhere else, and bam, still invalid format. I can't see anything on the screen except for when I restart. It shows it's starting windows and I am able to log in (blindly) but windows boots when i put my password in. I could really use some help here as I am not at a loss. I'm guessing if worse comes to worse, a friend of mine created imaged my PC once I downloaded all my programs I wanted.

Any other suggestions are extremely welcome though, so if you think you can help, without the use of an additional monitor, and not having the ability to go into safe mode (since for some reason that won't work now) please let me know.

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  1. I tried that first. It wouldn't stick. Now I'm having issues getting into safe mode
  2. Try following the tv instructions for setting up a computer. It sounds like it is the tv no your computer that needs adjusting. Also tv's do not always make the best monitors for a computer.
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