How long should i hold waiting for bfg tech support

my B F G 8800 gt went out and i am on hold...

i realize bfg is not in the GPU business anymore...but i believe they still provide support at the moment.

i have been on hold for 60+ mins with the same message.

"your call is important to us...hold for next rep..."

*not a joke
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  1. ok...

    well after hold for an hour a tech comes on phone and pretty much says sorry cant help you...

    support is only there to take care of outstanding issues...
  2. ^+1 BFG is no more. :cry:
  3. BFG is going through liquidation because nVidia basically cut them off as a business partner. As a result of that, a major part of their revenues has been eliminated. Since it is difficult for a company to remain in business without having any revenue stream, BFG has gone out of business.

    I am sorry, but you will be on hold for eternity. Throw away your card and buy a new one.

    See following link:
  4. Or contact PNY and they will give you 25% off a new card.
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