What can I upgrade to?

Hey Guys I have a Aspire M3630, I'm currently looking at upgrading both the processor and GC. I have asked about the cpu in the other forum. So thought I'd ask about the GPU here. The lable on the PSU said liteon pe-5251-7 which is 250w? I think.

How do you find out what poser supply a graphic card needs? also, whats the best I can get for the £75 mark?

I've been playing a lot of starcraft 2 and while the early stages are fine in big battles my computer lags, I have already upgraded to 4gb of memory. Would Upgrading the GPU be better than the CPU?

Thanks for your time guys,

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  1. For any decent card that's worth buying you are going to have to upgrade that PSU to be on the safe side. And if you bump this thread as you did the other one, I'll close both of them. :non:
  2. Hi mouse, Really sorry did'nt know that wasn't allowed.

    I was hoping not to spend any more than i needed, what would be the best card i could get if i were to stay with my current psu?

    Sorry about the bump!

  3. Reading the sticky entitled "Read This First" is something everyone should do but never does, they are usually very quick to complain when action is taken though.
  4. Done, Won't happen again.

    any suggestions for the graphics card?
  5. A HD5750 is about the strongest card that might be safe enough on that PSU.
  6. Mouse, just had a search on ebuyer and there are a number that come up.


    Whats the differance exactly? Thanks for bearing with me I'm not great with computer hardware.
  7. Scan.co.uk is cheaper by the looks of it, as for which one is the better one I'm not the best person to ask about ATi hardware as I'm more of an Nvidia man myself.
  8. You don't really need to worry about the different brandings. with a mid-range card its probably best to just go with the cheapest 5750 you can find.

    aftermarket coolers, clocks, and warranties are the main things you'd be looking for. but the UK is not included in life time warranties, overclocks will be minor on a mid-range card, and cooling unimportant since its already a very cool card.

    so, just go for the cheapest 5750 you can find.

    Im still not entirely convinced that a 5750 would be safe to run on that PSU though.

    i would really recommend getting a corsair vx450 PSU before anything else.
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