What motherboard to choose?

Hi, im going to build a budget gaming build, including a 2500k, the silverstone Raven 02 Evo, Thermalright Silver Arrow, 700W CM Silent Pro Gold PSU, and a used 5870 im getting cheap from a friend of mine. Now, my budget is limited to 1000$, and all the only missing part is the motherboard. Im living in Denmark, so im limited in brands, such as Biostar. Of what i know, im able to get Asus, MSI, ASRock. Im able to buy within EU, but not from USA, as im gonna pay extra for the shipping, and some finantial stuff which will eliminate the savings.

Now, i've been looking at the ASRock Fatal1ty Preformance mothreboard, pretty cheap, and good at overclocking, features, style.

Now i know this is a P67 chipset, and not the new Z68 one, but im not going to use the intergrated graphics in the processor anyway. Im thinking of buying a ssd sooner or later, and ive heard that there is some problems with the Z68 chipset.

So, what are your suggestions? Please let me know. The budget of the Motherboard would be arround 180$

Thanks in advance!
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  1. Any site preference where to buy this mobo?

    Is this ASRock you've mention above?
    That's a good board if you ask me, the price a little high on newegg...
  2. My suggestion http://www.edbpriser.dk/Product/Details.aspx?pid=5213278 if you want the Z68 and possibility of a second GPU other wise this one against the one you selected http://www.edbpriser.dk/Product/Details.aspx?pid=5635093
  3. hmm, danish sites prefered.
    Good ones would be:

    The link above links to a danish site, that put motherboards together from diffrent shops, only showing ATX, 1155 sockel, and sorting by price.

    Im sorry for the danish language, but use translate.google.dk or so to translate if hard to get arround the site. 1 pund is 8,5 danish krones.

    ofcourse sites such as overclockers.co.uk is good 2, as im living in europe, and im buying my case from them 2

    www.caseking.de is a good one 2.


    The motherboard i was refering 2 is this one: http://www.tweaktown.com/reviews/4167/asrock_fatal1ty_p67_performance_intel_p67_motherboard_review/index.html - has not sli or crossfire support
  4. #2 Think i might go with the ASRock Extreme3 Gen3, looking pretty sweet. Thanks :)
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