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Hi guys'n'gals,
I just thought i would share all the graphic card and possibly your? cards over the years you'v had.,
Iv had an insane amount over they past 10 years,,share your experience to..have you had more?

3dfx Voodoo 2 12mb x2 SLI


Diamond Viper v550 - Nvidia TNT 16mb pci
Nvidia TNT 2 vanta 32mb agp (some chineese brand)
Hercules 3d prophet II - Nvidia Geforce 2 mx400 32mb agp
Inno3D Tornado 2 - Nvidia Geforce 2 mx400 32mb agp
Prolink - Nvidia Geforce 2 TI 64mb agp
Nvidia Geforce 4 mx440 64mb agp (not branded)
PNY VERTO - Nvidia Geforce FX5200 128mb agp
Asus - Nvidia Geforce FX5500 256mb agp
Asus - Nvidia Geforce 6600GT TOP 128mb agp (died faulty fan)
XFX - Nvidia Geforce 6600GT 128mb pci-e (current spare)
MSI - Nvidia Geforce 6800'series 128mb agp (basic 6800, not gt)
PNY VERTO - Nvidia Geforce 7600GS 512mb agp
Gigabyte - Nvidia Geforce 7800GT 256mb pci-e
EVGA - Nvidia Geforce 7950GT 256mb pci-e (current backup rig)
XFX - Nvidia Geforce 8800GS 384mb pci-e
Sparkle - Nvidia Geforce 8800GT 512mb pci-e (currently in service)
XFX - Nvidia Geforce 9500GT 512mb pci-e (DOA)
Xpertvision - Nvidia Geforce 9600GT 512mb pci-e


ATI - ATI Rage 2 4mb or 8mb pci
Asus - ATI Radeon 9600XT 128mb agp
HIS - ATI Radeon 9800PRO 128mb agp
Sapphire - ATI Radeon X800GTO2 256mb pci-e
Sapphire - ATI Radeon X1650 512mb pci-e (basic x1650, not pro or xt)
Asus - ATI Radeon X1950PRO 256MB pci-e (UNKNOWN DEATH after a week, pos faulty)
Sapphire - ATI Radeon X1950PRO 512MB agp
ATI - ATI Radeon X1900XT 512MB pci-e
HIS - ATI Radeon HD2900XT 512mb pci-e

Would this be alot? :pt1cable:
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  1. voodoo 2000 16MB AGP
    ATI 7500 64MB AGP
    nvidia ti4200 64MB AGP
    nvidia 6200 256MB PCI
    nvidia 8800gt Alpha DOG (lol) 512MB
    ati 5770 PCIE 1GB
  2. ROFL - some of us go back further than 10 years . . . but more improtant, how they heck did you keep track?
  3. Twoboxer said:
    ROFL - some of us go back further than 10 years . . . but more improtant, how they heck did you keep track?

    That is how :)
  4. Why?
  5. Mine are:

    Ati radeon 9200Se
    Ati radeon 9600 Pro
    Ati radeon x1550
    Nvidia Geforce 8600GT
    Ati radeon HD 4650
    Nvidia Geforce GTS250 Sc edition

    These are all in order.
  6. GT 8800 512 mb *I belive from BFG*

    GTX 460 1g Gigabyte
  7. Twoboxer said:

    i just have a very good memory,,,i wondered how many cards i had from when i got into pc gaming back in 1998 (12yrs :bounce: )
    i started young so my memory is much sharper. :D

    also what cards others have had is intresting to see the jump gap to the next card
  8. Some from my collection.


    Riva TNT
    TNT 2 pci
    Geforce 256 DDR
    Gefoece 4 4400
    Geforce FX 5200
    Geforce 6 6800gt pci-e
    Geforce 7 7600 gs (2x)
    Geforce 7 7800gs
    Geforce 7 7900gs (3x)
    Geforce 7 7900gtx duo (2x hehe quad sli)
    Geforce 8 8400gs
    Geforce 8 8800gtx
    Geforce 9 9800gt (2x) both 55nm and 65nm.
    Geforce GTX460


    Mach 64GT
    Radeon 7000
    9800 pro aiw
    x300 se (*** if there ever was)
    2400 pro


    V3 2k
    V3 3500tv with pod
    V5 5500


    I had a few of these as IGP

    Trio 64 lol

    To many to mention

    IGP junk
    I740 agp


    I had one but forgot the model

    Cirus Logic
    I had a few of these but they were ok aside for being slow
  9. ooh, i forgot about the ati rage 2 pci card i have,,think its 8mb possibly, il add it. i also HAVE an integrated voodoo3 on a msi 6168 board (i think it was 6168). got rid of a load of intel agpx2 cards.,think they were earlier than the i740 though.
    only cards i still have out of my list are the ati rage2, the sli voodoo2 's :D , all the geforce 2's , the xfx 66gt , 7950gt and 88gt. i nver got around to the hd3800 series or any newer ati's. my 88gt has been so reliable so i havent botherd to upgrade yet but it is showing its age, especially in metro2033.
  10. Nvidia:

    MSI 6600GT PCIe 256MB GDDR3 ('bout 4,5 years ago)


    Palit HD 4650 512MB GDDR2 (2 years)
    GeCube HD 4850 1GB GDDR3 OC Edition (1,5 year)
  11. I left off several cards lol


    8600gts (dead)


    I forgot to mention that one of them is AGP
  12. Not counting the onboard video and pre 1995
    Diamond stealth in the the late 90s AGP
    Nvidia 6600 mid 2000s
    ATI 5570 overcloked now.
    Great thread
  13. Mine is a follows:

    nVidia Riva 128
    nVidia TNT2
    Radeon 7500
    nVidia GeForce 4200Ti
    Radeon 9200
    Radeon 9800Pro
    Radeon X1900XT
    Radeon HD 5850

    For my HTPC:

    Radeon AIW 9600Pro
    Geforce 9600GT
  14. yeah I forgot about
    ati rage 8mb

    and I laughed so hard when I saw the geforce 256

    my friend went from a 256 to a 9600 and it was almost unbelievable

    oh hey everyone with a voodoo card did you play unreal ????
    it was so much better on my voodoo than my ti4200 totally unreal
  15. i see no other geforce 2's?? i thought they were popular haha. the 6600gt's were very popular, one of the best cards of the time and still good for a quake 4 lan party.

    i still have my voodoo 2's in SLI in a pentium 3 pc with unreal and unreal tournament on it.
    specs are hilairious nowdays:
    pentium 3 @ 933mhz - 768mb of pc133 sdram - a 20gb hdd and diamond monster 3d II in SLI to an A-TREND 3d 2 with a daisy link to the geforce 2 TI
  16. there is already a thread for this.
  17. iam2thecrowe said:
    there is already a thread for this.

    now here is another :lol:
    there will be people who have not heard of half these cards that are new to pc's, nice to have abit of a history list ;)
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