Dfi lanparty cfx3200 chipset drivers

i got out my old lanparty ut cfx3200 mobo put 2 xt850's init 1 being crossfire but i will only boot up if run the crossfire card on x1 instead of x16, does anyone know y?

1 reason may be because i cant load on the mobo drivers, the cd doesnt work and i cant find anywhere that does them, im running windows 7 and i dont know if they have drivers for windows 7 that support this board, can anyone help?

thanks in advance!
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  1. Try dfi's toll free number 1-888-200-ITOX.
  2. says number not recognised, im in england so i wouldnt know the area code to call it.
  3. Good point. The nearest number is in the netherlands. I would also post your request on craigslist if you have one locally. I called DFI once in the states and they offered to send me a backplate for free. But apparantly, they're out of the desktop motherboard business.
  4. that would explain the reason i cant find any desktop boards on there site, thanks for your help ill try give them a call. Looks like i have to go back to xp to use these or update my mobo. cheers
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