DVI wont show 1920x1080

Graphic Card : HIS Radeon 5870, mw2 edition 850 mhz

Well, Im soon going for an Eyefinity Setup ( DVI - DVI - DP>DVI I think )

The problem is that when i tried to test my one screen with DVI (The screen is a BenQ G2420HD) it didnt appear anything on it. I connected one of my old screens to the computer aswell (using VGA to VGA-DVI adapter) I then managed to set down the resolution on the G2420HD DVI to 1600 x something and then it worked... I normally use HDMI, but if I shall use eyefinity i need the DVI to work.

You know the DVI cable, it has one part which is alot of pins 24 pins i think? And then second part which has 1 pin (and can have 4 around) The cable that I used didnt have those 4 pins around the long one.

Is it the cable that is wrong?
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  1. Usually the DVI cable should come with your monitor. So if you're using the cable that BenQ provided, it can't be wrong. :)

    Make sure you have the latest graphic drivers installed, as that can sometimes alter whether Windows lets you set certain resolutions.
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