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Performance Difference

Wondering if there is a considerable performance difference between a 5770 and 5850. I'm looking for which one will last longer for games support (performance wise). I will be running at 1080p, hopefully at higher to highest settings in current games. Currently running a 4770, with a Phenom II X2 560, unlocked and oc'ed to a X4 970, and a OCZ Fatal1ty 550W PSU. I prefer XFX due to being a loyal customer over the past few years.
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    Yes, obviously.
    The 5770 would be barely 25% better than you 4770, while the 5850 would be over 40% and handle 1080P nicely.

    But if you can wait, you might be interested in the 6800 series that will come out in a week.
  2. IT COMES OUT NEXT WEEK!!! *foams at the mouth* Damn, I thought it was later! Yes I shall wait. I thank you sir.
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