Will my PSU handle a Radeon 5670?

Hi, I have a compaq CQ5210Y. It comes with a 250w PSU. If I wanted to upgrade the Graphics card to a Radeon 5670. Will the current PSU suffice or do I need a more powerful one?

The Mother Board is a M2N68-LA (Narra5)

Computer has 3g of RAM
CPU is an AMD Athlon II X2 215

Link to computer specifications

If my PSU is underpowered for that card, what is the best GPU I can get with a 250w PSU
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  1. You probally can run it as its not a very power consuming card, THOUGH its best to maybe buy a good power supply to keep safe and so you dont have to worry like this every time you wana buy a graphics card.
  2. Are you trying to play games?
  3. Emerald said:
    Are you trying to play games?

    Yes, but not the latest games. I usually play games a few years old. When they go on sale on STEAM.

    So would I be safer using the 5570?
  4. Yes you are better off using a HD 5570 but for a HD5670 youll need a better psu.
  5. I'm glad this question has come up!

    This is the PC I just got at Costco for $799 on clearance (was $999):


    Note the integrated graphics as an Achille’s heel. Also note that the power supply is 300W. Thought I could add this budget card to overcome that capability gap:


    Thoughts? Note that I will not be playing the latest games either.
  6. James,

    This is a good card; however, Minimum 400 Watt or greater Power Supply Requirement

    Nevertheless, you might want to try it since HP has under-ratted PSU

    same card a little cheaper:

  7. ^+1
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