Starcraft 2 PC Build up suggetsions

Hey everyone I need some suggestions for starcraft 2 pc build up

lately ive been getting great deals and Id like to finish it off with some help!
1. No AMD please bad experience with them

What I currently bought is
1. NXZT Alpha Case
2. Radeon ddr3 4850 graphics card
3. Corsair 650W power supply
4. 6gb DDR3 ram

I need some suggestions for a processor and mobo good for stracraft 2
For my budget Im not quite sure yet please list some good i5s or i7s and mobos

i was thinking about buying the i5 2300 please suggest

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  1. i5-2500k and i7-2600k are the best choices for currecnt gaming
    these will also work i7-940,950 i5-760 and so on.
  2. Just looking for a good one for starcraft 2 and COD if possible but starcraft 2 is my main priority and one that wont really break down thanks

    Can you give me some pricing info too!?

    What about Mobos?
  3. OK make this easy for me and i will do everything to help you how much do you want to spend on a cpu and motherboard together then i will post links and prices.
  4. i5 2500k - $180 at microcenter
    Gigabyte P67 UD3 B3 - $130ish before the recall? I dunno if it will be more expensive after
    $300~ish dollars?

    Your RAM should be re-usable, though you're prob going to have to get 1 more 2GB stick to run dual channel (or you can sell the random spare one that you already have and go with 4GB RAM).

    As far as your video card goes, if you're happy with your graphics now, no reason to upgrade, but if you want to upgrade, the sweet spots are the GTX 460 and ATI Radeon 5770. Higher end cards don't perform any better than these midrange cards since SC2 is CPU intensive rather than graphics intensive.

    Plus, side note, lots of pros play on lower graphics to see things better and be better players, so better graphics may actually be a small detriment lol.
  5. I have about another 300ish dollars to spend on a mobo and CPU
    as long as its not amd im fine with it
    How come sell 1 of the sticks though?
    As long as it does a good job on Sc2 i will be happy
    I will definitely select a best answer so more details will help

    thanks so much!
  6. i would go with a 1156 build if you cant afford the 2500 or 2500k if you dont overclock you dont need the 2500k its 30$ more
  7. aight so i5 2500 and whats the 1156 a mobo?
  8. sandy bridge cpus use the 1155 socket thats the motherboards socket type

    other i5s i7s use the 1156 socket")
  9. I'm able to play SC2 just fine at max settings @1680x1050 with my old C2D 3Ghz + a GTX 260 core 216. You really don't need that much to play SC2.
  10. Any cheaper cpu suggestions I really dont need the best i just need it good for medium settings on sc2

    thanks guys!

    also mobo
  11. okay well heres the thing I live by a microcenter and which and where should i buy which of the i5s I got suggestions on the 2300, 760, or 2500. Pplease also explain a bit more ont he mobos
  12. Hey okay so why the 2500k instead of 2500? im not overclocking anything on my computer though....
  13. so really though AMD would be good too if it really is much better

    any suggestions?
  14. hard to find a good price the cpu its sell is too expensive unless i can find a deal i need one under 200$ decent for sc 2 cant find any good deals
  15. Aalright I'm going to micro center this tomorrow and have them make me a package do you. Have any motherboard you recommend in specific? Like which one of the p67.. I'm getting an i5 -2500 k but or should I go for the i7 -2600 k for 20 $ more?
  16. ct1615 said:
    if you are building a PC for SC2, why are you going overboard on the cpu but using an ati 4850 for a video card? SC2 is not a CPU demanding game.

    SC2 is like the DEFINITION of a CPU demanding, but not GPU demanding game.
  17. Apparently 8800GT's can max that game out.

    Very,very cpu intensive game.

    Demanding? More then any game i have ever played. It brings my Q9550 to the ground.

    But CPU wise it's another matter altogether, and since it apparently doesn't utilize more than 2 cores, a highly clocked dual core is the best, like an i3 530 at 4ghz for example.
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