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Sound problem after gpu installation

after much advice from tom's hardware i bought a ati hd 4670 3-4 weeks ago for $75 ..

as usual i had sound trouble after installation.. i went to bios and changed the sound device to enable and said in another topic

but then only my headphone which was plugged in worked but my speakers have not worked since then
i'm not sure why because i came to know that my speakers don't work only after a week

i installed rapture 3d after 1-2 days of my gpu installation to play f12010

does rapture 3d is the cause for this problem or any other reason

please help
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    This is new, is the speaker cable plugged into the back port or the front panel port? And I'll need mobo model number as well.
  2. if your using hdmi to use a hdtv for a monitor the audio is streamed through to the hdtv um ..and make sure your audio playback devices are set properly right click on the windows volume controls and take it from there.

    iv seen windows switch default audio devices upon detecting and installing a new audio related device..hope it helps iv owned 2 hd4670's and have had 1 issue with having to reset te default playback device to jarr the sound in to working again through the hdmi tho. no hdmi then this cant be the solution.
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