Good choices for a case that will fit my GTX570


I have a GTX 570 and I want to buy a case.

I have a budget of 120 dollars at the most but I want to spend around 50 to 80 dollars.

I will put a after market cpu cooler, and maybe SLI later.

I want a case with side fans and if possible a top fan and front fan.

I am looking at this so far;
Antec DF 10, DF 30 or DF 35

If I can have front USB and or ESATA that is good.

Are any of the ones above good and will fit the GTX 570?
What are some other suggestions?

I do not need or want a huge case with tons of drive bays.
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  1. Quote:
    What's your budget. I always believe cases are like a woman. We all got our own taste. So are you looking for a beautiful big fat woman or a ugly slim one?

    Budget is 120 dollars but I want to spend only 50 to 80 dollars if possible. I am looing for something nice but not too bulky and not too thin to where I cannot put much inside of it.
    I want side fan for sure and top and front fan if possible.
  2. Cooler Master 690 $89.99

    Lancool pc k62 $99.99
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