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Is this artifacting?

Hey, I ran atitool, and I wanted to check out my relatively new card, and about 3 minutes in, it showed this:
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  1. and I'm at stock clocks.
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    it does look like artifacting, but i wouldn't bother because of ATI Tool's poor accuracy.

    As long as you don't see artifacts in games or in furmark you'll be fine
  3. okay... I'm upwards of 10 minutes now and it hasn't done that again... thanks :)
  4. How long in this program is good w/o artifacting?
  5. As i told you ATI tools is not a good way to test your graphics card, some people don't get any artifacts at all running it for several hours, but as soon as they start up a game artifacts fill the screen. Some other people happen the complete opposite.

    Run furmark all maxed for about 30 minutes, if you don't see any artifacts during that your card is all good
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