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Looking for a good one. planning on 7 fans running to it want temp sensors and fit into a 5" bay.
Saw this one
and couldn't find reviews on it except the ones on the site. Which talk about the battery failing causing overheat. It doesn't make sense since it is there only to back up you settings when there's no power connected to it. wounder if any of you guys had experience with this controller or could recommend a different one.
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  1. Here is the fans and lay out im going to use what do you think?

    The heat sink fans are going to be
    Aerocool Shark
    The bottom and top 120mm fans are going to be Nidec Beta v ta450dc couldn't find specs for the same model but the lower model say it pushes 130. I'm think this will push a lot more because it has 7 fins not 3 and is 1.5 inches deep were the lower model is not even 1.
    The 80mm is a high presser cool master fan that will blow across my graphics card.

  2. Wow realdrx, that sure is a lot of airflow. Are you trying to break overclocking records? I guess you could be going for silent operation - underclock everything to the point where you cannot hear it. If so, be careful what kind of exhaust you have on your video - make sure it is not rear/external, which is noisier. Also, on your cpu fan, I would not undervolt it. You should make sure you have ample airflow through your heatsink.

    If you are not trying to do something extreme, the 80 mm guy and the extra fans on the heatsink and top seem to be overkill. There is only so much cooling that airflow will accomplish. That would still leave you with 6 fans in your configuration, which should be more than enough.

    I cannot personally comment on the Sunbeam Chromatic Windmill, but 3 for 3 negative reviews sure would scare me away. I have this Aerocool F6XT 6-Channel in one of my machines. there is ia switch to turn the red lights on, so don't let the pictures deter you.
  3. I have the NZXT Sentry 2, and it works pretty well. The temp sensors are kinda crappy, but the controller part works well. In hindsight, I should've just gotten one with plain dials and no lights on it, but it still was only a ~$30 purchase.
  4. I don't care about noise level. I always use head phones while on the PC That's why when I make this order I will also be getting this head set
    But I will get Silencers for the fans and filters for the intakes was looking at these. The nidecs and the 8Omm I have already just need to hook them up they use to run to dell PC each :D

    I currently have an I7 860 on asus pro e in a HAF-932 Amd with a GTX 470
    I plane to upgrade to SB 2nd week in September 2011. So I just need it to last till then. So I want to Se what it can do.
  5. btw, the acronym to measure airflow is cfm, which stands for cubic feet per minute.
  6. Yup I know that :D stupid dyslexia gets me when I'm not paying attention.I wrote it once then copy and pasted it :(
  7. After more research thinking of going with this Fan controller.

    Lamptron FC Touch
  8. Nice looking controller.
  9. Yeah and it can handle the Nidec 1.4 amp needs so I wont have to mode wire it to the PSU.
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