AIW HD - both VGA + DVI possible?

Just reading about AIW HD requirements, and I would love to know, if someone would answer my only question. Even better, if there is some present AIW HD user who can offer firsthand experience.

Dual-Display Connections - they omit to mention DVI + DVI :

This I mean, if second HDMI would be used with HDMI to DVI adapter. Have those already, but I only wonder would this actually work? Let me explain as short as possible.

I want to go :

1) Primary DVI via DVI to VGA connector and therefore VGA input on monitor.
2) Secondary HDMI via HDMI to DVI connector and therefore DVI input on monitor.

Granted that both conversions are possible and ATI makes note of them. BUT each mentioned individually with different combination. I’m 99% sure that this should work from I/O side of things, but fear - is there some known limitation from ATI’s side, that would not allow my VGA (via DVI to VGA adapter) + DVI (via HDMI to DVI adapter) to work as planned?

I want to purchase two of these, but would really benefit greatly some confirmation from users or reputable power users who are familiar with exact facts.

I appreciate your time and attention
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  1. To be even more exact, this :

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