Help! How can I know if this Power Supply will work for my computer!?!?

I want to get a new power supply.
I have the Gateway DX4300-22 and it comes with a 300w power supply, but does not say anything other than that.

I want to purchase,

how do I know if that will work with my computer? The power supply I want is
Main Connector 20+4Pin
+12V Rails Single
PCI-Express Connector 3 x 6-Pin, 3 x 6+2-Pin
SATA Power Connector 12

I do not know what my computer will take though.

Where do I look? By the way, I believe this is my motherboard,

Don't know if that helps....

Thanks in advanced
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  1. One of the things you need to look at is if it will physicaly fit in you case.
    You may want to measure it them compare the size to the one you listed.
  2. For what it matter i have worked on that same computer model fit a xfx blk ed 750 watt in ther with no issue fully modular is a must for those cases or there is wires everywhere.
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