New built PC keeps restarting at startup

I just bought a new mobo, processor, PSU, Graphics card, and RAM (and used it to build a new system along with my old harddrive). I installed it all correctly and my computer starts up but then keeps restarting when it gets to the windows loading screen. I can only access bios and that sort of stuff.what could the problem be? My friend said it might be because i have Windows 7 64bit on the hard drive and the motherboard might only support 32bit. Thanks

GA-M68MT-S2P motherboard
DDR3 ram
Ati radeon 6870
AMD phenom 840 X4
OCZ fatality 550w psu
320gb HDD
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  1. I would be 99% willing to bet that if your hard drive had an existing Windows install then your old drivers are freaking Windows out and it will just reboot because the drivers are causing a a fault.

    Two things to Try:
    1. If there's a true issue...Spot Check: Try unhooking anything other than the hard drive with Windows and see if it will boot. Even try booting with only one stick of memory and alternate sticks to make sure it isn't something like that..

    2. If it's all software like I believe... Good Luck: If you can get into safe mode, try going into the Device Manager and delete out anything from the System Devices tab. Actually easier to do this ON the old hardware.
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