X2-6000+ Life in the old dog yet?

My current system is:

X2-6000 @3.1GHz
Gigabyte nForce570 mobo
2x GeForce8600GT
2 Gig Corsair PC6400 CAS4

For all the games I play currently this runs fine at 1920x1080 (the games aren't that recent) but I will be needing a bit more grunt soon. I reckon the 8600GTs are the main bottleneck - as far as I can tell from comparisons my CPU isn't that slow compared to some of the lower-end current chips - about 25% slower slower than a 3 GHz Phenom II X2 and a little slower than a 3GHz Athlon II X2?

I'd rather stick with the current platform for the time being and wait and see how the next generation Intel/AMD platforms pan out.

So I reckon I could bung in a newer GPU and see some reasonable gains - something like a GTX460/HD6850? Okay, a little bit over the top, it'll be bottlenecked a bit by the CPU, but one of those would do for a new build in a year or two with a second thrown in for SLI/CF. My Silverstone PSU will take it easily too.

I'd probably also double the RAM to 4Gig. I could stick in a quad core but its probably not worth it with the HT throttled back.

Any opinions? Am I flogging a dead horse here?
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  1. What mobo exactly?
  2. Actually if u stay near a Microcenter they give free mobos with certain chips, the Propus 640 being one of them so

    X4 640 + Biostar A780L and reuse those DDR2 $96

    768/192BIT GTX 460 $140AR

    If $$ is not as tight as i figured then hit AM3/DDR3

    Same link hit the $106 X4 640 + MSI 785G-E53


    2 x 2 DDR3 1600 $48 Free Ship
  3. 80 bucks in the graphics card department would do a lot for you if you are not looking to move to a new system quite yet.
  4. Thanks for the answers.

    I'd rather avoid a newbuild right now and wait and see what the next-gen platforms can offer. I'm not convinced the current processors add a massive boost in speed unless your games make use of the extra cores. I would try to make do for another 12 months maybe, depends how soon the new tech matures.

    So I don't want to buy new bits that I would just bin in a year - which is why I was thinking of buying a fairly good GPU I could re-use in a year, rather than an 80 buck job that would give me a boost but wouldd't be enough with a new build.

    Anyway, to answer some questions:

    It's the Windsor 3.0 GHz, 89w job. Just mildly O/C'd on the FSB.

    Mobo is the GA-M57SLI-S4

    Yeah, this PC will do nicely for a HTPC unit later on.
  5. well, next gen is only a month away for intel, and 3 months for AMD, so that' a short wait.

    I'd start saving up for a whole new system in January.
  6. ScrewySqrl said:
    well, next gen is only a month away for intel, and 3 months for AMD, so that' a short wait.

    I'd start saving up for a whole new system in January.

    Good point - but I'm patient, I'm willing to wait a little for prices to drop. Oh, and teething problems to be solved!
  7. Quote:
    Been there on the teething problems, tho my kids weren't that bad actually; good-luck with that.
    Windsor chips are decent clocking chips, I agree.
    So for now, I'd upgrade the RAM and graphics (video) card.
    So what's your thinking right now.?

    Think you've helped me make my mind up. Cheers.

    +2 Gig of Ram
    + GTX460 - just a case of which one!
  8. Yep definitely not an $80 GPU job but if u play BC2, COD Black Ops and WOW Cata, Far Cry 2 and HAWKX that Windsor 6k is long in the tooth so tone down to play these even with a better GPU for a more playable experience Heck even the far superior AthlonII X2 chips would be less than ideal for these - the $70ish Rana X3 would be min chip power for current games

    The FX-62 (Windsor 5600+) gets murdered in BC2 actually
  9. The 8600 GT isn't all that bad a card. If you have 2 of them in SLI then you're looking roughly at the power of an 8800 or better. If I were you, I'd stick with what you have until you actually have problems. After that, I'd throw in an Athlon II X3 450 ($80) and see what that does. If you still need more power, then I'd be looking at the faster cards since the Athlon II X3 won't bottleneck them. to be honest though, I can't see a 3.1GHz Athlon x2 bottlenecking many cards. The Radeon HD 5770 and below or the GTS 250 should work just fine with that CPU. It may be older architecture but it's still running at 3.1GHz. If you're looking to get a new CPU anyway, maybe now's the time to try overclocking the one you have. I think that you should have an easy time finding old reviews of that chip and how to overclock it. An overclock may be all you need as it just might give you the little extra grunt you want at no cost. Similarly, overclocking the 8600 GTs might work also because if I remember correctly, the 8600 GTs had a good amount of overclocking headroom. :sol:
  10. How much are you looking to spend to get by 60 bucks will get you this -->

    http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814131381 a

    it is the equiv to an 9800gt but 20 dollars cheaper. If you are trying to game on 32 bit windows this will make a bigger difference than any other upgrade being suggested as far as gaming goes. 8600gt is even a little weak for your older (but still good) CPU.
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