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What requirements are needed to change a Compaq SR5214 processor from a E2160 1.6 Ghz to E5300 2.6 Ghz. Thay both have the same form factor so I assume it can be upgraded. Does the bios have to be reset? Thanks
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  1. Hello, and welcome to THG.

    I would venture to guess the socket is the same, however, you may need to FLASH the BIOS, not reset it. Try to see what your BIOS is and download a flash file from the BIOS manufacturer you have installed on your computer.

    For what I have, the Compaq SR series has an American Megatrends BIOS, but still check the firmware in the Device Manager. You can also open up your case and locate the BIOS chip right by the SATA, USB, and South Bridge area and see who made the chip and what the BIOS Code is.
  2. You have to check Compaq support and research your specific computer. You will need a BIOS update to use newer CPUs like the E5300 if your board supports it at all.
  3. here is link to HP support:
    under processor upgrade the highest official cpu supported is E4300 1.8ghz
    I own an E4300 and I will tell you upgrading from the 2160 to 4300 is NOT
    worth it.
    The performance increase would be minimal.
    If you are a hardware tech kind of guy there is a BSEL Pinmod that MIGHT
    I was able to get my E4300 from 1.8ghz 800 FSB to 2.4ghz 1066 FSB
    BUT I only paid $15 USD for my E4300 so I didnt care if I fried it.
    So what I am saying is DO THIS AT YOUR OWN RISK.
    I will tell you that I have read where many people have done these mods
    successfully and also i did mine 3 months ago and it
    is running great (on 24/7 all the time)
    If this is a computer YOU own (not parents or work computer)
    and you can take a chance of "bricking" it (have backup computer or finances to buy another one) than it can be a good mod.
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