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Hello, I was wondering if a MOBO manufacturer list of supported RAM is exclusive, such as that ONLY those modules will work, or can it be the same KIND, like same speed, timings, voltage, capacity and # per kit? Also, Is that list updated? thank you in advance.
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  1. No, they're not exclusive, you can use any DDR3 dual-channel kit rated for 1.65v or less. I don't know about Biostar, but last I checked ASUS and MSI were horrible at updating those lists.
  2. I read somewhere that some of these boards won't run 1.65 but 1.5 volt ram modules.
  3. The motherboard QVL lists are created when the motherboard is introduced. It lists the sticks that have been tested on the motherboard and are known to work at that time. Not all ram can be tested, and these lists may not ever get updated.
    If your ram is not on the list, check the ram vendor's upgrade/configuration app. Enter your motherboard model, and you should get a list of ram kits that are good, according to that ram vendor. That is useful if you should ever need ram support.
  4. Some sticks not listed may or may not run in XMP, but should work in manual. Anyway it is always better to get one listed, as you can have a properly support in case of any issue.
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