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So, I'm new to this whole "build your own computer" thing, but I've been slowly figuring it all out. I'm working on putting together a list of parts to get to put together my first homemade computer with, and I was wondering where to buy those parts from. I need a place that can guarantee I get what I ordered and for a low price.
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  1. What country do you live in? In the U.S., Newegg is a good site, but prices may not always be the lowest. Look for the items you want to come on sale, rather than buying them at full price.

  2. If you live in the usa tigerdirect will match neweggs price and they have better customer service 24/7 phone support with experts, order online or on phone, to rma a product they pay for shipping:)

    How do i know this, spent 14k with newegg last year and 7k with tiger

    the issue is tiger has less computer parts it seems they carry what is popular, other then that there good,

    if there is a microcenter near you they seem to have the best prices overall.
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