I have a four monitor system for video editing which features two NVidia GeForce 8600 cards. The monitors are a mixed bag and include an HP HDMI / HDCP monitor. Drivers up to April 2010 work fine with this system. More recent drivers are tripped up by the HP HDMI / HDCP monitor: if they are installed with this unplugged all is well: as soon as it is connected a switching process begins with the software trying to find the correct arrangement. Frustratingly as it cycles through the options it often finds the right combination but continues to cycle. One driver abandons the search and just assumes the HDMI monitor isn't there, another simply continues to switch forever. If I reload the April monitor all is sweetness and light again.

I'm interested in the more recent monitors because I am looking ahead to stereoscopic 3D which my current arrangement doesn't support.
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  1. I have no experience with a 4 monitor setup, as to 3d if you want that you'll beed something more powerful than the 8600(for compatability and performance reasons). I'd recommend two Geforce 240s.
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  3. I really couldn't make head or tail of this topic.....
    A four monitor setup but it only seems that you are having problems with something called the HP HDMI/HDCP..... and that is vague...
    HP is the manufacturer I guess, HDCP and HDMI tech is there in nearly all monitors that I have seen till date, and they never posed a problem anywhere, so basically the two techs are not related to the problem.
    What is the make and model of the other monitors?
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