H55 chipset effected?

hey everyone, listen, im not really good at this, so i was wondering. The Intel P55 chipsets are all messed right? well, does this include the H55 chipsets?
thats what i have, here are the sites I thought to look though, but i dont get all the lingo.




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  1. h55 is not effected by that recall
  2. p67 and h67 were effected sandy bridge.
  3. The 55-series are not affected. You are safe.

    Only the 67-series are -- H67 and P67.

    New B3-stepping versions are already on the market in limited quantities. Those have the new fixed chipset.
  4. The P55 had problems when it was first released. The Foxconn sockets would burn up if you overclocked/overvolted your cpu. This was fixed quickly by pulling all the boards with Foxconn sockets off the shelf and replacing them with other branded sockets. Not sure if H55 sockets were affected.

    The newest recall is the P67/H67. Nothing wrong with the chipset, just that the Sata ports can degrade over time. They have been replaced now by the P67/H67 B3 revision.

    Intel QC has not been good lately.
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