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Vapor X 5770 crossfire MSI Hawk 5770, will the perfomance be awesome?

i have a vpor x 5770 and i plan to crossfire with msi hawk 5770, but my PSU is silverstone strider 560W..but its written crossfire certified... some said i can some said i cant! IM STUCKKKKKKKKKKKK.. WOULD you guys help...ty :cry:
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  1. Of course you can.
  2. The vapor-x model has slightly different drivers and a 10MHz core clock increase. I do not know if it will work. Better try to crossfire with another vapor-x.
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    Yes you can. Your psu has 36a-12v rail=enough. It has the two 6 pin connectors your going to need also.
    Once in windows you can use msi afterburner to synch the clocks of the two cards to the same clock speeds, if you want.
  4. hey bro.. thanks for telling.. i hope it could work on 560w..and im looking forward for buying it.. as long as you are long as the psu able to support.. im definitely buying it
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