With Tom's System Builder Marathon in mind: Build a Infinite Budget PC

I'm curious to see what this forum can come up with for God-computers.

Let's say you have an unlimited budget. I'd like to see the absolute greatest rig that could be designed.

Use Newegg (or your preference of linkable retailers) to show the price of the components.

For simplicity's sake, no peripherals. Just the case and everything inside.
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  1. Won't make much sense but for the sake of this thread, something with the 980X and an EVGA Classified X58/5520 Mobo with a GTX 580 quad SLI. (Does it even support that officially?).
  2. I would assume that in an *infinite Budget* you would spend alot on periphials. Like a nice game room, 6 Monitors of High quality 3d, the latest and greatest GPU ran in max crossfire mode.

    I mean you could go Server side with some xeon processors that make i7 look like a p3 with a .2mhz OC

    300TB of SSD hd space, with a Elitist series 802 switch.

    OC 45 line, with multi casing fiber optics,

    I think you get the picture...

    With high end all pc components you would be very limited by regular ISP, as well as any cable under 4000$ /meter
  3. You might as well just say "super Computer" and spend a billion on it since that's about how far infinite is these days
  4. darkside_gamer7 said:
    You might as well just say "super Computer" and spend a billion on it since that's about how far infinite is these days
    Yeah, but I think the OP might be talking about desktop PC's since he wants to buy parts from Newegg.
  5. "Best" off-the shelf desktop PC "Money no object" as of Feb 2011:

    Core i7 990x - $1000
    GIGABYTE G1.Assassin - $550
    12Gb Corsair DDR3 2000 - $300
    2x Asus GTX580 OC SLI - $1000
    Antec HCP 1200W PSU - $310
    1TB OCZ Revodrive - $4000
    2x 2TB Samsung Spinpoint F4 - $180
    Lian Li Aluminium Case - $500
    Pioneer BDR206 - $120
    Creative X-Fi Titanium HD - $160
    Custom Watercooling rig ~$500

    Total cost: $8620

    Personally I wouldn't trust a water rig I'd built myself for that amount of kit, but if money is really no object, what the hell...

    Potential improvements I decided against:

    You could go Xeon, but the support isn't there for games, better off with the 990X.

    You could go for a Professional grade sound card, but I think the X-Fi is better in games, and I don't like the idea of having 2 sound cards.

    You could go to 3-way or quad SLI, but that simply doesn't work in enough games to be worthwhile. In the games it does work in, it's often slower than 2-way. Even 2-way is a little crappy to be honest.

    You could add more HDs or more SSDs but I think any more storage is a little silly. Better off with an external NAS with RAID mirroring etc if you really need more than 5tb (!)
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