The Best Graphics card for a PCI E 1.0 x16 Mobo

I recently bought a new PCI e 2.1 graphics card which to my distaste did not work on my mother board. So now i dont know which graphics card to get instead of it. my price range is about £50 or anything the same price as a HIS radeon HD 5550. any help would be much appreciated.


Packard Bell iStart 2369
Intel Pentium 4 processor CPU 3.06 GHz
PCI e 1.0 x16 slot
400W Corsair PSU
ATI Xpress 200 intergrated graphics

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  1. This HD4670 will perform better than the HD5550
    It is PCIe version 2.0 should not have any problems like the version 2.1
  2. thanks for that it looks good to me. i think i will take your advice, so do you not recomend any nvidia cards?
  3. would it take a vga cable?
  4. It comes with a DVI to VGA adapter so it takes the cable. On the nvidia cards there is nothing in that price range that I would recommend this being the closest more performance much higher price.
  5. ok thanks alot for that (Y)
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