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I have just installed office 2007 and my icons are missing (I get DOCX on them). I have tried telling them to open with Word but when I double click to open them i just get lads of written code but when i go into word and then say open... they open ok. It is driving me mad please help
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  1. what program is it openinv with when you double click it? you have the file extention associated with the wrong program
  2. Open up word, click the orb, word options, save, change to document format to word 97-2003, to default all saved documents to old doc format.

    This can also be done for excel to save in old xls rather that xlsx and to change default language and spell checker.
  3. Hi. I have tried changing the options but it does not work. It is more complicated than that. I think I have found a solution on another forum but it means changing the registry which scares me a bit. Thanks for all replies
  4. You need a file converter to open older versions, with the 2007 version of office.
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