Please help X-Fi Titanium HD(soundblaster) Support

I bought this card for the purpose of recording and having great audio quality. I've been stressed to hell over the last few weeks trying to record on this card. The last card I had from SB was very simple. It had a 1/8th connector in which I could connect my pre-amps 1/4" line-out into the line-in on this card. I am a novice home recorder but I do understand a lot of basics.

The Titanium HD has all RCA connections. My pre-amp only has a 1/4" Line-Out connection. I therefor had to buy a RCA-to 1/4" adapter in order to connect my pre-amp into my soundcard. This did not work, my "Line-In" connection is listed as "Not Connected" in Windows which means the pre-amp isn't recognized. I am using windows 7 by the way.

I need to know

1) Am I connecting the two wrong, if so how do I correct this?

2) Do I need something else to record besides the pre-amp? I am not familar with DAC and ADC - Digital Analog Converts/Analog Digital Converts. Am I required to have these two in order to record on this card?

I hope I find some help here. I have sent creative a tech support question but I find little hope that they will help me and will do very slowly. I have posted on two other websites with no help either. I hope the third time is truly a charm.. I just want to record, what's a man gotta do now days? lol I truly appreciate any who help. Thank you.
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  1. Hello, and welcome to THG.

    1) Sounds like you need to reconnect it in a new arrangement. Basically try it again.

    2) I am not familiar with Sound Recording, but it seems that if the pre-amp worked before it should work again. Try to get the latest drivers for all your recording hardware right now.
  2. Creative tech support is total junk; don't even bother with it.

    1) Should just be a RCA->PC Audio conversion. Shouldn't be causing any problems whatsoever. [Then again, it IS Creative we're talking about...]

    2) The DAC/ADC will be handled automatically by the card.
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