AMD X2 6000+ and GF GTX460 768mb

I would like to ask about bottleneck when it comes to cooperate with new GPU and older CPU.
My specs are:
AMD X2 6000+ 3.01Ghz
GF 8600GT 256MB
Tracer 400W
Actually I'm planning to buy new GPU and I found GIGABYTE GF GTX460 768mb 192bit. It's a lot more powerfull card than mine old 8600gt but some users said that my cpu is so old that it will slow down a lot this gtx460(about 50%). So is that really true? I think the bottleneck effect will appear of course but IMO about 15-20%(also it depends on the game) and I will have power save for new CPU and new games.
Besides I have recently bought new monitor 22" and playing games below 1680x1050 is awful because off distorted shapes of anything on the screen. I also rode that playing on hi res with AA and AF turned on will result in increased load of GPU so the bottleneck effect will be reduced. I know that ma CPU is not so strong but it should be enough for this card.
Thx in advance for reply
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  1. Yes about PSU it's necessary to change it so what about - Fortron GHN 460 W??
    about cPU - yes I will upgrade it in a few months but my Motherboard is also limited to X2 and X3 phenom -
    Btw. will there be a lot difference between PCIe 1x16 and 2.0 in GPU?
  2. that psu won't do either, and if it does it'd be pushing it to it's limits ( nvidia says 450w minimum).

    this'll be a much better choice:
  3. so sth about 500w?
    And what about that bottleneck effect?
  4. So about that bottleneck effect - will that be about 15-20%? or really about 50% of it's max power?
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