Need advice between two Mobo's (G1. Guerrilla & Sabertooth P67)

Hi guys, I really need some advice concerning two motherboards. The Gigabyte G1. Guerrilla and the ASUS Sabertooth P67 (Revision 3.0).

Ok , so I'm building a new system and have been researching for the past few days straight on trying to decide the best choice for me. I've come to the conclusion that there are WAY to many choices out there. So I need some opinions.

I want to build a system focusing on the 2500k Sandy CPU.

First, I have a chance to buy the Gigabyte G1. Guerrilla for 179.99 (Canadian) . Is this a good deal ? AND is this a good Mobo ?

Secondly, for some reason I'm fascinated by the design of the Sabertooth P67 and its "thermal" armor. But it costs a little more, 206.61 CAD. Although I've read that the "thermal armor" doesn't exactly work as advertised, as in decrease operating temperatures, it rather keeps them (the temp) at bay.

I couldn't find any comparison reviews between the two mentioned mobo's.

So which one would you guys pair with the 2500k ? I want to be able to overclock the cpu as much as stability permits.

*FWIW, my current mobo is an ASUS M2N32SLI Deluxe*
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  1. Damn, i just realized that the Guerrilla bored doesn't support the 2500k. Was really hoping it did.

    So, my questions mostly still remain. ( I still want to focus on the 2500k)
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