Am I over heating my CPU?

I just installed an AMD Athlon x4 3.0ghz, 640, processor in my system. I installed Core Temp to monitor my core temps. Under load Im spiking at 73c, is that too high for that processor?

Thanks for the help.
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  1. Hello, and welcome to THG.

    People will slam me but the fatal level is 80 Degrees Centigrade, which you are approaching. Rule is anything over 65 is dangerous. Try to get an aftermarket cooler.

    Need any help finding one, just post here for the response.
  2. Yes that is too high.
  3. I think its airflow. Thanks for your responses.
  4. Okay, so here is what I tried. I have an HP case that I Moded. I added a 90mm intake fan located on the bottom back and the only other fan was the 120 fan on the PSU for exaust, note I have a gtx 460 which cuts off air flow though my case. My core temp hit 73c. I turned my 90mm fan around to make it exhaust and added an 80mm intake fan to the side. That dropped the temp down to 66c under load. Any other ideas that might help?
  5. make all your fans exhaust except for the front fan (if you have one). Fans are more efficient blowing air out of the case than pulling it into the case.
  6. No front fan. Still have all set to exhaust?
  7. yep
  8. Ok, so I added a 120mm fan to the side and got the temp down to 48c resting and 63c under load. Is that still high?
  9. Well...
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