Problem with new ram

prblm with ram

i just bought new ram of 2gb 850mhz

originally i had 2gb

now the total should be 4gb but system properties is showing

"3.25 usable"

i am unable to understand???
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  1. That simply means you are using a 32bit version of Windows

    To make use of all 4GB , you need to upgrade to a 64bit version
  2. thanks kaweee

    okay but why so in 32bit version of windows?

    when i play games then how much is utilized?
  3. I'm not too sure about why but it seems like an OS limitation

    Games shouldn't take too much ram so I wouldn't worry about it
  4. Memory management is a pretty complicated subject, but basically a 32 bit operating system is built around an address space of 32 lines. 2^32=4GB.

    But it is worse than that. Intel CPU's use memory mapped input/output - devices are assigned address space that then cannot be used for memory.

    The end result is that you generally have around 3.25 - 3.5 GB RAM available.

    64 bit OS can address 2^64 or 4GB*4GB or a bunch of RAM, well 16 exabites (16 x 10^18). Limitation is generally the motherboard.
  5. thnx kawee & jsc

    jsc what do you mean by motherboard limitation?

    do you recommend me to upgrade to 64 bit?
  6. Just stick with 32bit, your programs will run absolutely fine.
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