Best TV-Tuner Card out there

I am looking to get a new TV Tuner Card can i get some recommendations.
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  1. Here's a site to get you started:

    Best HDTV Tuner for PC
  2. Here's the card that i have been using for > 2 years

    Works well with Windows Media Center. You can use hauppage TV and PVR software.

    I use it as my HD DVR/PVR... The limit of your HD recording is the size of your drive. I recorded the HD version of the World Cup 2010 finals.... ~ 30Gbyte...

    The card is very reliable and stable.

    Read the article on Hauppage webpage. The 2250 is the latest Hybrid TV-Tuner from Hauppage. It automatically adapt to the video transmission (Standard or HD). So like in my case both Tuners record HD TV Shows at the same time. Unlike the other models one tuner is Analog the other is HD-Digital. For the 2250 it records 2 HD shows at the same time.

    All my cable feeds are in digital form now so analog tuner has no use in my case. The 2250 can adapt to both analog or digital. No wiring or special settings required.
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