Asking for help with my desktop: Random Shut down/restarts

Hello members,
recently my desktop has been acting up. I've had this custom built desktop(previous owner, but reformatted before i got it) for a year now and everything was running fine until lately. Last week, I was playing starcraft 2 and it was fine with some lag. Then two weeks later, the desktop restarted randomly on me. I panicked a little, but I thought my foot accidentally touched the power surge on/off button. However, that wasn't the case. So I reformatted my operating system and deleted everything in the hard drive from xp to xp again which didnt do much. It still restarted. I reformatted again to windows 7 just for the heck of it and it still restarted randomly. Then I asked my friend for a stronger power supply (500w) and it ran fine and then it shuts down on me without warning while downloading starcraft 2(also restarted while downloading sc2 on the original power supply). It also shuts down and restarts randomly now. It would turn on fine and everything looks normal without lag. I decided to go into my bios to set the warning for CPU temperature to 75C but no warning came through. I also did a memory test(2gb) and it said it was fine as well. My video card is cool and it didnt seem to be heating up or anything. I swapped it and the other desktop was fine. I downloaded Speed Fan and the average CPU FAN RPM was 2900 at 40c-61c on temperature 1 and 2 while just on idle and surfing the web. The core was around 30-40C but when I went into bios it was around 40-50C. However, I noticed CPU Tcontrol was spiking from 60-112C in that range and I kind of panicked. I also noticed it has yet to restart or shut down while im in bios. May anyone give me some tips/clues/ideas or diagnose the problem? Thank you
Computer specis:
380watt psu
amd x64 3600 dual core 1.9ghz
2gb ddr2 800 ram
250gb hard drive
1gb 8600gt zotac video card
windows 7 32bit as of right now
some kind of ecs motherboard that is purple with two slots of ram :P
anyone have any ideas?
Also when it shut down, I would open my computer like a minute after and take out the heatsink and touch it. It didnt seem something that would feel like a stove, but it was fine for touching
Thanks guys
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  1. Though you've tested it, I wouldn't rule out the video -- as this is always one of the suspects, particlularly on games.

    Other likely culprits are some other PCI device (try removing any) the CPU or the mobo itself.

    You might try updating the BIOS for the mobo, if you can figure out the model number and maker's site (there are specialist motherboard forums -- including the Mobo section of Tom's -- which might have help on both those issues).
  2. Please follow the instructions at to disable restart for fatal errors.
    Next time you receive the blue screen on Windows 7, please post it.

    If the PC was working fine before, it was likely either new hardware or new software that you've added that caused this problem. You can solve it by retracing all recent program/driver installations.
  3. may i get the website for mobo section of tom's?
    Thank you
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