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My i7-870 idles at about 37-40C, however, when I open a game such as Black Ops, the temperatures skyrocket. I can experience temps around 85C+. I'm relatively new to troubleshooting this kind of stuff, and I've done my fair share of researching, but haven't found anything terribly useful. My idle temp seems to be right around normal, but i'm unsure as to why it gets so hot. I have a Scythe SCSMZ-2000 heatsink, but I really didn't notice much difference except for a couple degrees when I swapped it with the stock intel heatink and reapplied thermal paste. Any suggestions would be great!

Should also mention I turned off Turboboost so i'm running at 2.9ghz and temps drop to upper 60s lower 70s, still high though
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  1. Max temp before shutdown is 100c on that cpu, I would reapply thermal paste again. I like scythe but thats a small heatsink for an i7 i would get a 212 plus.
  2. Max temp for your cpu is 72C you're going dangerously over that.
    I would go into my bios PC Health and adjust the temp for shut-down at tmax.
    And yeah your cooler is too small for the cpu.
    Any quality 120mm 4-pipe cooler would be ideal for your cpu.
    The 212+ and Scythe Mugen 2 are excellent and priced affordably.
  3. adjust the temp to what, around 75? and thanks, i'm going to return my current heatsink and try the 212+
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    The 212+ is a good cheap heat sink should fix your issues as long as the rest of the air flow in your case is good.
  5. it is, thank you for the advice
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