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Is there an incompatability between KHX8500D2/2G "99U5316 043.A00LF" and KHX8500D2K2/4G "99U5316 066.A00LF" ?
I tried to install on my computer "Core 2 quad 2.4 Q6600 1066" with the gigabyte mother board " P35-DS3R Rev2.0" two modules of Khx8500D2/2G along with the kit of 2 of KHX8500D2K2/4G to have a total of 8 GB system ram .. but it never worked ! the system does not boot if the four modules are installed.
I am sure that the 4 modules are not physically damaged, and any two modules work togther fine even if over clocked to 1066 .. on Channel A Slot 1-2 ... i used software "CPU-Z" to check it always read that the modules are single channel with voltage of 1.8v - 1.9v ... i am confused and need your support. thank you
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  1. The ram doesn't work with your board, simple as that. You're trying to mix two different models of ram at 1066, which some boards don't support especially with all four slots filled. Try each set individually in two slots only. You may be able to overclock the q6600 and get the ram to work at 1066. To do so, set the speed manually at 800 before you increase the cpu fsb.
  2. Thanks,
    Each pair works fine on Channel A Slot 1-2, and over clocked to 1066.
    The point which i dont understand is why the KHX8500D2K2/4G does not work as "Dual channel", i installed the first module on channel A slot 1 and the second module on channel B slot 1, it should work, specially that there are no incompatibility with the mother board and cpu?
  3. Can't really say; sometimes there's even a typo error in the printing of the motherboard manual. Usually the dual channel ram slots are color coded.
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