My New computer wont go into BIOS

Well I built it and it turned on and that's about it. I can't get into the bios. I was extremely careful and this is the 2nd time this has happened...god damn it. I don't know what part is faulty. Theres no signal from my video card and my buttons on my mobo and case are unresponsive except after I unplug and plug the system in again. The mobo has no onboard video so I can't see if its my card. It also might be my processor. Heres my system specs:





PSU- Earthwatts EA-650

Someone please help me before I try to sell everything and start from scratch.
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  1. Some stuff to try:

    1> Make sure that all power connections are plugged in, including the 4-pin one next to the processor *** this is the most likely, when my brother didn't do this to his computer, it did exactly what you described***

    Otherwise, if 1 didn't work
    1> Find a different video card (a cheap one would work just fine)
    2> Try each stick of RAM individually
    3> If you have a second PSU, try that
    4> If you have access to another known working stick of RAM try that
    5> same as #4, except with board/CPU
    6> Triple-check that all cables are on the right pins on the mobo and that everything is seated firmly
    7> Remove heatsink and double check that no pins are bent/broken on CPU
  2. I got it to work ahha, I found a thread that helped me. I kinda freaked out because this happened to me before and that power connector wasnt the issue last time. Hey good X3 turned into an X4! I cant get my driver CD to work or I cant figure out how to install it though. Can I install windows then find the driver on the net?
  3. I didn't plug in the CPU power...yeah I know Im retarded. I started the install without my ethernet plugged in =/.
  4. What was the problem?
  5. Terry1212 said:
    What was the problem?

    He didn't plug in the CPU power
  6. joelmartinez said:
    He didn't plug in the CPU power

    I posted that 12 seconds after he posted that. lol! :D
  7. I figured that might have happened, I wasn't trying to be rude, sorry
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